Culture wars: Polish left attempts to remove the Cross from parliament

Failure to react strongly to such attempts will lead to defeat, warns academic.

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Mariusz Kamieniecki

A sign that the culture wars in Poland are not going anywhere, the left is now stepping up its attack on Christian symbols in public spaces with its new demand that the Cross be removed from the Sejm, Poland’s lower house of parliament.

Prof. Mieczysław Ryba, from the Catholic University of Lublin, said that in the interwar period when Poland was far more ethnically diverse than now, the Cross was present in all public spaces, as it had been in Poland throughout its 1,050-year history.

“If someone finds the cross to be a problem than they are being ideological,” argues the academic.

There is a fear that this is the beginning of a crusade against the Cross and all other religious symbols with Prof. Ryba saying that the left is likely to go further and remove the Cross from all public spaces, not just as the Sejm, as was the case in communist times.

He said this is because “socialism and neo-arxism are a negation of Christianity. Socialists find faith and its symbols a problem.”


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