Le Pen: The time has come for change

Marine Le Pen launches her campaign for the EP elections. According to her, voters have a unique opportunity to express their dissatisfaction with French president Emanuel Macron. “If Macron does not have the wisdom to go back to the people by dissolving parliament, then let the political arbitrage come from the European elections,” Le Pen said.

editor: REMIX NEWS
via: info.cz

Le Pen stressed that “the time has come for a major political change,” adding that voters should give her the chance to end the “antisocial and anti-national” policy of the European ruling parties. Le Pen´s National Rally is one of the anti-European parties that would like to interrupt the long-time hegemony of European people´s parties and socialists after the elections. In the previous vote five years ago, the National Rally was the most successful party in France and won 24 mandates out of 74, which the country gained in the EP.

To at least repeat the last result, Le Pen chose 23-year-old Jordan Bardell as the leader for the European elections. Migration remains their number one election topic among other issues. France, according to Bardella, will reject “the migrants that Mr. Macron and the European Commission want to place in our cities and villages”.

The French president is currently facing protests from the Yellow Vests, who call for an improvement in the economic conditions of the poorer part of the French population, which is home to a large number of Le Pen´s voters. Although Macron has initiated some changes, including raising minimum wages and a tax relief, protests are continuing.


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