German Antifa group attacks home and office of AfD politician and mother

AfD politicians are the most attacked politicians in the country, according to official data

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Junge Freiheit

Suspected left-wing extremists have carried out an attack on the home and practice of Augsburg AfD politician Gabrielle Mailbeck, who was born in Brazil. They distributed flyers among residents with the headline “Attention! AfD politician in your neighborhood,” with the address and photo of the young woman.

According to Mailbeck, on the evening of Nov. 22, around 8:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., the perpetrators filled mailboxes in the apartment building where the politician lives with construction foam and spray-painted “AfD attack” on the street. She also documented the incident with a number of photos she posted to Twitter.

“Antifa attack on my family and my practice. The perpetrators also broke into the apartment building and distributed garbage — upstairs — in front of my front door. So close to my family and especially my baby,” she wrote.

Now, Germany’s State Protection Service is investigating the incident.

Mailbeck is a full-time leader of the AfD parliamentary group in the Augsburg City Council and runs a practice for nutritional counseling and sports with her husband in neighboring Friedberg. The perpetrators were also active there and loudly chanted “Alerta,” which is a common chant from Antifa..

On her Twitter profile, the 34-year-old documented the attack. A photo of the flyer shows her and her husband Tim Mailbeck. On the flier, it reads: “Dear residents and customers, we wanted to inform you that the business at (address redacted) is operated by the two AfD members Tim and Gabrielle Mailbeck.”

Her husband is an assessor in the district association of Augsburg. The private address of the two is also published in the note.

“AfD is a racist, neoliberal party that courts fascists*. It does not, as it claims itself, represent our interests, but those of the big corporations and bigwigs! There are enough examples, like the further privatization of the health system. Especially in the current crisis, we have to stand even closer together against the attacks of the rich and from the right!” the flyer read.

The Antifa group, which also has published the note on the radical left “Indymedia” web portal, demands in the note to allow AfD politicians “no peace” and to “attack” them.

Mailbeck, who spoke with German newspaper Junge Frieheit, said: “This Antifa attack on my family, my baby, and thus my own four walls, has terrorized us, and we are, of course, very frightened. My home and my practice were attacked in a brutal way at the same time.”

However, she also wrote on Twitter that she does not want to be intimidated.

“My personal focus as a native Brazilian in the AfD is exactly that: education. We AfDers are not monsters. Our democratic state and our families must be protected. I continue to fight for justice, enlightenment, and against this political suppression by leftists. This should never happen again, and normalizing this is a death sentence for democracy,” Mailbeck wrote.

AfD politicians are routinely attacked and many of the top ones in the country have suffered from arson attacks on their cars, as well as a number of physical assaults. According to government data, AfD politicians are more likely to be attacked than politicians from any other political party.

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