Sweden: Migrant man who stabbed 10-year-old Dutch girl has 52 crimes on his record

Despite dozens of criminal convictions, the Swedish courts’ decision to continuously grant Milad Salari parole has nearly cost a young girl her life

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: John Cody
Milad Salari has 52 crimes on his record and was still on probation when he attacked the young girl last week.

The Iranian migrant who attempted to murder a 10-year-old Dutch girl in Gothenburg last week has been identified as Milad Salari, who has a tremendous 52 convictions on his record, including theft, assault, robbery and drug offenses. Despite violating his parole on numerous occasions, Swedish judges continuously issued him new parole terms, which allowed him to avoid prison.

Video of the stabbing attack went viral last week, with the 36-year-old suspect stabbing the girl in the neck before pedestrians tackled the man. It is unclear why he targeted her, but pedestrians claim he screamed “Allahu Akbar” during the incident. The victim is said to be in serious but stable condition.

The tremendous amount of criminal convictions and citations on the man’s record — and the fact that he was free to try and murder a child — is being pointed to as an example of the horrific migrant crime Sweden has been exposed to in recent years, which has led to a record number of murders and shootings.

After his arrest on Thursday, Salari reportedly assaulted police officers inside the police station, according to Expressen.

Salari arrived in Sweden with his parents and two older siblings in July 1989 from the city of Shiraz in Iran and was granted a temporary residence permit the following month. The next year, the Salari family obtained a permanent residence permit, and in September 1994, Milad’s mother applied for Swedish citizenship for her son, which was granted in October 1998.

Since then, he has been a criminal menace to Swedish society. Upon turning 15 in 2002, he was convicted of his first crime, which involved theft. From there, his criminal career took off. Before he was 18, he already had 24 cases on his record, according to Swedish publication Nyheter Idag.

Salari appears to have specialized in armed robbery. After he turned 18, he was sentenced to one and a half years in prison after he and a friend robbed a Vodafone showroom in the Nordstan mall in Gothenburg with a fake pistol.

In 2011, he was sentenced to one year in prison for another robbery, as well as one month in prison for unlawful threats. He was issued probation for a number of minor violations the following year, as well as a fine for a trespassing case in Copenhagen, Denmark.

In 2015, while serving probation, Salari conducted an armed robbery of Jarl Sandin Watches & Jewelry in Gothenburg. Wielding a weapon that appeared to be an automatic rifle. Salari reportedly forced staff and customers to the ground as he snatched over 2 million kroner ($200,000) worth of watches. However, a hunter inside the store noticed the gun was not real and once Salari left, he chased him down and pinned him until police could arrive.

Salari was sentenced to three years in prison for the robbery and paroled in 2018, but even despite being convicted of assault and theft during the probationary period, the courts did not force him back to prison to serve the sentence he had been paroled from. He was instead once again sentenced to probation on both occasions.

In the following year, Salari was convicted of 10 different crimes, the last one being the theft of a laptop in central Gothenburg last year. The probation service, however, said at the time that it believed that there has been a “tangible improvement” in Salari’s personal situation, a line the district court took when once again sentencing him to probation.

Salari may have been a one-man crime wave, but the Swedish judicial system perpetually issued him probation for crimes he committed even while serving probation. The latest victim in Gothenburg is one of many young Swedish girls who have been victims of migrant crime. Last year, 9-year-old Luna was strangled, sexually assaulted, and left for dead in a forest by a 15-year-old Ethiopian student with a record of sexual violence and watching strangulation porn on school computers. The girl, the subject of a long-form piece by Remix News, suffered severe brain damage, is confined to a wheelchair, and has only ever been able to say “mother.” since the attack.

On April 7, 2017, a vehicle-ramming Islamist attack took place in Stockholm, resulting in the death of five people and the wounding of 14 others. The youngest victim was an 11-year-old girl, Ebba Akerlund.

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