Migrants who head back to home country on holiday may lose residence permits, Sweden warns

The newly elected government headed by the Moderate party has ordered a crackdown on those abusing Sweden’s hospitality

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Thomas Brooke
Sweden's Migration Minister Maria Malmer Stenergard.

Migrants in Sweden who regularly go back on holiday to their home countries may have their residence permits revoked, the country’s migration minister, Maria Malmer Stenergard, announced at a press conference on Thursday.

The recently elected Swedish government led by the Moderate party has tasked the Swedish Migration Agency to crack down on migrants who abuse the hospitality of their host nation, calling on the agency to take a tougher stance regarding the revocation of residence and work permits.

“If you go back as a tourist, it indicates that you do not need the protection that you stated in the application,” Stenergard told journalists.

She called on the implementation of further measures to ensure Sweden’s immigration system is no longer taken advantage of.

“The system of regulated immigration must not be abused. That is why we are assigning the Swedish Migration Agency (this) task,” she said.

The press conference followed a recent report published by the Sweden Migration Agency that outlined shortcomings related to revoking residence and work permits; it also revealed there are strong indications of extensive abuse of residence permits, particularly among studies in higher education, the deputy leader of the influential Sweden Democrats, Henrik Vinge, claimed.

“It is important that residence and work permits are revoked when there is reason to do so. The Swedish Migration Agency must, among other things, develop its handling processes and create a clear division of responsibility for recall work,” Vinge said.

“Automatic systems can be an opportunity to more quickly identify cases where there are indications of inaccuracies,” he added.

Those granted asylum in Sweden who return to their home nation for vacation may be specifically targeted, with Stenergard telling journalists this was something being seriously considered.

“If a short time after being granted a residence permit (in Sweden), you then go back to the country you left as a tourist, it indicates that you do not need the protection you stated in the application,” she added.

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