France: National Rally candidate brutally attacked by Antifa gang, brother hospitalized with severe injuries

Pierre Le Camus condemned the political class that has largely remained silent over the attack

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: John Cody
The brother of National Rally candidate Pierre le Camus was severely beaten in Bordeaux. (Personal photo)

A National Rally (RN) candidate and his entourage were attacked by a gang of Antifa youths late on Friday evening, and the victim has condemned local politicians who have failed to condemn the attack or offer support to those injured in the assault.

Pierre Le Camus, the 22-year-old RN candidate for the 2nd constituency of Gironde in the last legislative elections, was severely beaten alongside both his brother and his friend, after a dozen young students he identified as “belonging to the far-left, anti-fascist movement” recognized him on the terrace of the Mushroom café, near Place Gambetta.

“They left as quickly as they arrived shouting ‘Bordeaux Antifa,’ ‘Bordeaux is ours,'” Le Camus reported, with French authorities arriving at the scene shortly after to treat the three victims.

The politician’s brother was hospitalized with a broken nose, head trauma, a bone fracture in his right hand, and a swollen face, while Le Camus was treated at the scene.

“I most definitely have a burst nasal septum, jaw pain, pain in the back of the skull, and bruising,” he said.

After the attack, Le Camus appeared on CNews channel and said, “It’s a politically targeted attack, on me and my convictions.”

In a tweet, Le Camus complained about “the total lack of reaction from Bordeaux politicians, left and right. All have remained strangely silent, they who generally rise up without delay.”

Furthermore, some politicians including Bordeaux’s deputy mayor appeared to suggest Le Camus had the attack coming “through the radicalization of his uninhibited remarks during the last election campaign.”

Others, including two deputies from Gironde, Grégoire de Fournas and Edwige Diaz, have since expressed their support for the young activist.

Antifa violence is a routine occurrence in France and other Western countries. During the national election campaign this year, for example, a candidate for Éric Zemmour’s Reconquête party said her campaign team was assaulted while handing out flyers. She pointed to a lack of condemnation from politicians as a factor that would only encourage more attacks.

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