Undocumented migrants and left-wing activists storm refugee center intended for Ukrainians, demanding equal treatment

La Chapelle Debout collective called for “housing and papers for all”

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Thomas Brooke
FILE - A makeshift camp set up by migrants is pictured outside the Paris town hall, Friday, June 25, 2021. (AP Photo/Lewis Joly)

A left-wing, pro-mass migration activist group, supported by hundreds of undocumented migrants, stormed a French refugee center on Sunday intended for Ukrainian refugees, demanding that illegal immigrants arriving in France receive similar levels of support from the French state to those fleeing the Russian invasion of eastern Ukraine.

La Chapelle Debout collective, a pro-migration group that describes itself as “revolted by the fate of foreigners, asylum seekers and undocumented migrants” in France, tweeted that it had occupied the Porte de Versailles reception center for Ukrainian refugees on Sunday afternoon, calling for “papers and housing for everyone regardless of nationality.”

The organization published videos of undocumented migrants and activists demanding equal treatment with those fleeing Russian aggression, with one illegal immigrant saying: “We came to France to find solutions and we find ourselves on the street. We are here today to find solutions!”

The left-wing collective had taken issue with the fact that the reception center, capable of catering to 550 individuals and currently reserved for Ukrainian refugees, had been “almost empty for several weeks” while illegal migrants continue to sleep on French streets.

“Inside, there are associations and state services which guarantee refugees access to regularization, health, accommodation, schooling, employment and social assistance… And it is empty,” the organization claimed, insisting they had chosen to occupy the facility because it “embodies the segregationist reception policy led by the French State.”

In a press release published on Sunday, the group claimed the refugee center was a place where “white supremacy is made to exist as something legitimate and commonplace” because “only people who can prove that they are of the right nationality are welcomed and others are refused.”

The group called for the right to social security, housing, the unconditional right to reside in France, and the right for all to receive an allowance from the state irrespective of immigration status or nationality.

“Housing and papers for all! Freedom of movement and settlement! No to racism, yes to justice!” concluded the press release.

The stunt appeared to work out favorably for the group who tweeted on Monday morning that the “occupation ended peacefully around 10:30 a.m.” and revealed they had secured “an appointment on Tuesday with the regional prefecture for further negotiations.”

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