German Green party replaces its own White male justice minister with Black female who has no law degree or political experience

The controversial case may leave White males in Germany’s Green party worried about being fired over their skin color and gender

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: John Cody
Former Justice Minister Dirk Adams (left) was fired by his own party because he is male and White to make room for Black female Doreen Denstädt (right), who has no legal or political experience.

In the West, many of the White males who sign up for the agenda of multiculturalism, progressivism, and open borders are finding that they are too White and too male to be of use to the socio-political system any longer.

The latest case in Germany highlights this trend, where the Green party dismissed its own justice minister, Dirk Adams, in the German state of Thuringia. He was not found guilty of any wrongdoing, but instead was simply a male of the wrong skin color, which, by the Green party’s own admission, was the entire basis for his dismissal.

Adams will now be replaced by Afro-German Doreen Denstädt. Thuringia’s Minister-President Bodo Ramelow, of the Left Party, fired Adams, who was the Minister for Migration, Justice and Consumer Protection. The dismissal came about after the Green party directly requested him to be replaced by Denstädt, who has no law degree or political experience.

Critics say Doreen Denstädt does not have the requisite experience to be the justice minister of an entire German state.

Denstädt only served as a clerk in the police trust office in the Thuringian Ministry of the Interior. Her lack of experience in any real substantive role means her improbable career leap to her new position as justice minister for an entire German state appears to have been due to her skin color and gender.

The Greens’ leadership described the decision as a “painful step” but a necessary one. Adams, a 54-year-old politician, who has been in office since March 2020, had no desire to voluntarily give up his position.

Adams initially made it public that he was being pushed out the door after two state chairpersons, Ann-Sophie Bohm and Bernhard Stengele, asked him to resign on Sunday. 

“In the current situation, out of responsibility to my ministry, I cannot comply with this request,” Adams wrote in a personal statement, according to German newspaper FAZ. He argued that his department was currently dealing with an “extremely demanding arrival situation” related to the migration crisis. He also pointed to “important decisions regarding generational change” in the judiciary and “enormous challenges” in consumer protection. 

He then issued a challenge to his own Green party leadership, writing if they wanted him gone, “they are free to ask the (state) prime minister to fire me.”

That is exactly what happened, and Adams was dismissed from his role. However, given the Green party’s agenda, some are saying that Adams should have known what he was signing up for. Alternative for Germany (AfD) criticized the decision.

“For us at AfD, arbitrary quotas play no role: Only qualification for an office is the condition for assuming responsibility,” wrote AfD politician Stephan Brandner.

Another top AfD politician, Beatrix von Storch, wrote, “When a minister has to go because he is a white man to be replaced by a Black woman, that is open racism and gender discrimination.”

The dismissal came about after a number of retirements and reshuffled positions would have left both Green ministers in the state as men, which is incompatible with the Green party’s position on gender quotas in governments.

The Green party celebrated the dismissal of their own minister over gender and race, with a statement that indicated the new appointee demonstrates the “importance that the topics of integration and migration have for us Alliance Greens.”

Thurginia, considered one of the more conservative eastern German states, is actually led by the left-wing red-red-green minority government, which the Christian Democrats (CDU) and the liberals (FDP) allowed to come to power because they refused to cut a deal with Alternative for Germany (AfD). Although the left promised a new election, it never took place. The next election is in the fall of 2024.

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