Hungarian right-wing party says it will claim Ukrainian territory for Hungary if Ukraine ceases to exist

The claim for Ukraine’s territory comes after similar statements from a Romanian far-right party

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Denes Albert
László Toroczkai, head of Hungary's extreme-right Our Homeland movement.

If Ukraine ceases to exist as a state, Hungary’s far-right Our Homeland (Mi Hazánk) political movement would claim Transcarpathia, a region near the Hungarian border with a sizeable Hungarian majority, said Our Homeland President László Toroczkai.

This comes fresh on the heels of a similar claim from Romania’s far-right AUR party, in which party President Claudia Tarziu said Romania should ditch its NATO membership and help Russia carve up Ukraine to return the country to its former glory and reunify its territories.

Hungary lost two-thirds of its territory after World War I to neighboring countries, including Transcarpathia to the Soviet Union, while Romanian extremist parties have had claims of Romanian-inhabited regions there as well.

In response to the Hungarian movement’s claim, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitro Kuleba issued a stern warning. “We are aware that not everyone wants good relations between Ukraine and Hungary. But if Vladimir Putin has broken his teeth on Ukraine, then some Hungarian politicians who make such statements will break them even more.”

According to Hungarian newspaper Mandiner, Kuleba added that he was grateful to Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szijjártó for clearly stating the Hungarian government’s position in support of Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. Kuleba met Szijjártó on Monday in Uzhhorod, Ukraine, where the two foreign ministers made a first attempt at improving their countries’ bilateral relations.

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