Hungary: 8 migrants discovered in luxury car after car crash in Budapest

The migrants claimed to be from Bangladesh, Syria and Pakistan

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Magyar Nemzet

After a BMW with a French license plate crashed in Budapest, eight migrants were discovered, including three who were in the trunk of the car.

The car was driving at a presumably high speed in the 13th district of Budapest when the vehicle drove onto the pavement at a junction; knocked over a traffic light, a pole and everything in its path; and then stopped according to information on a traffic accident site. The driver of the car lost control of the vehicle for unknown reasons.

According to police, there were five passengers in the car. After the vehicle stopped, they jumped out and ran from the scene. However, they did not get far, as police officers in the area caught them and took them back to the scene of the accident.

The officers then heard a knocking from the direction of the trunk, which they opened to find three more migrants inside.

The eight people were mostly Bangladeshi, Syrian and Pakistani. Two of the five people who ran away, presumably during the escape, fell and complained of various pains; they were taken to the hospital by the ambulance service. The others were reportedly taken to the Budapest Metropolitan Police headquarters.

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