PM Orbán’s 10 points to shield Hungary from global recession

Border defense, family-centric policies, and political stability are key areas of focus for the Hungarian government

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Viktor Orbán
Prime Minister Viktor Orbán speaks in Transylvania on July 23, 2022. (Blikk)

Five days after his annual policy speech in Tusványos, Transylvania, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán formalized his 10-point plan to shield Hungary from what he describes as the inevitable global recession.

The Hungarian leader vowed to find a solution that will allow for Hungary to be a local exception to the global economic downturn — “An ambitious goal!” Orban declared last Saturday.

“Is it possible to make Hungary a local exception? We might succeed; the key to this is “staying out.” So, Hungary will be able to maintain its economic success if we stay out of the war, if we stay out of migration, if we stay out of the gender nonsense, if we stay out of the global tax (…) and we have to stay out of the general recession in Europe,” Orbán claimed.

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