‘The EU threatens to destroy Hungary’s economy,’ warns US foreign policy expert

A bombshell leak from the EU describing a plan to sabotage Hungary’s economy is the latest evidence that the EU has no interest in democracy

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Magyar Nemzet
Shea Bradley-Farrell (Magyar Nemzet/Zoltán Havran)

After the Financial Times published an explosive leak detailing a plan to sabotage Hungary’s economy if it vetoes €50 billion in aid to Ukraine, the criticism continues to roll in, including from U.S. foreign policy and national security expert Shea Bradley-Farrell.

“The EU threatens to destroy Hungary’s economy, tramples its sovereignty, and ignores the clear will of Hungarian citizens,” the expert wrote in a statement posted on social media.

“Sadly, this is nothing new: Hungary’s refusal to embrace a far-Left liberal social agenda has angered not only the EU, but also the Biden administration and their compliant media elite, none of which have allowed truth or common sense to shape their behavior toward an ally member state of the EU and NATO,” wrote the U.S. expert in her statement.

“Nevertheless, Hungary is determined to protect their children against radical gender ideology, secure their borders against illegal immigration, and call for peace negotiations in the Russia-Ukraine war.”

Bradley-Farrell has written on Hungary before in her book, “Last Warning to the West: Hungary’s Triumph Over Communism and the Woke Agenda,” where she expressed her belief that “Hungary is fortunate to have a leader like Viktor Orbán who is brave enough to ‘stick to his guns’ in the face of extreme global pressure.”

Bradley-Farrell is an American foreign policy and national security expert and the director of the Counterpoint Institute, who is working with the Center for Fundamental Rights to study the political situation in Hungary, on which she is also writing a book.

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