‘They are determined to drag our country into the war,’ says Hungarian justice minister about EU pressure campaign

Hungary will maintain its stance for peace, said Hungary’s justice minister

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Denes Albert
European Commissioner for Justice Didier Reynders (L), Hungarian Minister of Justice Judit Varga (C) and European Commissioner for Justice, Consumers and Gender Equality Vera Jurová (R) at the meeting of EU ministers responsible for general EU affairs in Brussels on May 30, 2023 (Photo: MTI/EPA/Olivier Matthys)

The European Parliament’s liberal majority is waging a fiercer anti-Hungarian campaign than ever before, wrote Hungarian Justice Minister Judit Varga in a recent Facebook post.

She stressed that those who previously attacked Hungary for its strict migration and child protection policies are now trying to stigmatize and punish Hungary for its pro-peace stance.

“They are determined to drag our country into the war, and they are doing everything they can to do so, attacking on several fronts. They want to take away our EU presidency for the second half of 2024 and deprive the Hungarian people of the EU funds they deserve,” Varga wrote.

In her opinion, they are not even giving the appearance of giving up, with the justice minister pointing to Wednesday’s press conference as evidence.

“They said that the reason why they nodded so quickly to the fictitious resolution condemning Hungary, which was submitted to the European Parliament, was because, and I quote: ‘It is very worrying what Commissioner Hahn is saying, that Orbán, for example, is doing quite well and we are not that far away from an agreement.’ They also said that they were concerned that ‘Commissioner Hahn was too keen to give the green light to Viktor Orbán,” wrote Varga.

Hungary has come under pressure for its pro-peace stance on the war in Ukraine, with Hungary calling for an immediate ceasefire and refusing to ship weapons to Ukraine.

Judit Varga stressed that the left-wing majority in the EP has nothing but pebbles in its hands, which it is throwing to prevent the Hungarian people from getting the resources they are entitled to, which include a pay raise for teachers and support for businesses.

“We will keep resisting Hungary being dragged into war and will continue to demand an immediate ceasefire and peace talks,” Varga wrote.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has stated in numerous speeches that Hungary remains the only real pro-peace country in all of Europe, with the exception of the Vatican, but that many countries outside of Europe hold Hungary’s viewpoint. He has also warned of the threat of nuclear weapons.

“Since decisions are being made about the deployment of more and more powerful destructive tools and the West provides more and more modern tools to the Ukrainians, I am convinced that the threat of world war is not an exaggeration. When European and American leaders say that if this continues, we may end up in World War III, it sounds unbelievable and exaggerated at first, but where I work and how I see what’s going on, this is a real danger at the moment,” said Orbán in March of this year.

He has also said that Europe is suffering from “war psychosis.”

“The main issue in Europe today is war, and that puts my country in a difficult situation.
Unfortunately, Europe is suffering from war psychosis, and the continent from which I come is drifting day by day into war,” said the Hungarian leader.

“When Russia launched its attack, the West didn’t isolate the conflict but elevated it to a pan-European level. They could have classified it as a local, regional war or a military conflict between two Slavic nations, as Hungary recommended. What happened instead is another argument against the Brussels superstate and for strong nation-states. When the member states decided, there was peace. When the imperial center (in the EU) decided, there was war.”

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