Ukraine war will not end in 2024, warns Hungarian security analyst

“It now clear that Russia, China, North Korea and Iran have formed a military bloc against the West”

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author: Index
Hungary’s new Leopard 2A4 (L) and Leopard 2A7+ (R) tanks at a demonstration at the German manufacturer’s Munich plant on July 3. (MTI/Szilárd Koszticsák)

Top Hungarian security expert Péter Tarjányi predicted in an interview with Hungarian news outlet Index that the war in Ukraine will not end in 2024, as both sides remain evenly matched.

Tarjányi says that both sides are playing a waiting game, and that the big question will be whether the West can and will continue to finance the Ukrainians. He said, however, that this will depend heavily on the outcome of the U.S. elections next year.

He also predicted that the coming years could see armed conflicts that will force the United States and Europe to fight on different fronts at the same time.

“It has been a year of surprises and disappointments,” is how Péter Tarjányi described the year 2023 in a podcast for the Hungarian news portal Index. According to the security policy expert, the West may be most disappointed by the fact that, although it trusted in the success of the economic sanctions against Russia and the Ukrainian counter-offensive, it failed to achieve the desired results this year.

The biggest surprise, Tarjányi says, is that while there was an earlier effort to hide it.

“It is now clear that Russia, China, North Korea and Iran have formed a military bloc against the West,” he said.

The security policy expert said he believes that if an armed conflict between the two major blocs develops in the coming years, there will be fighting on several fronts. According to Tarjányi, the U.S. and its allies have the most to worry about in the South China Sea, while Europe has to fear Russian aggression and must be prepared to defend itself independently.

Before founding his own private cyber-defense firm in 1998, Tarjányi was the director of operations of Hungary’s Counter-Terrorism Center (TEK). He supervised hundreds of operations in that role.

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