91-year-old Polish woman who beat bank robber with cane honored by regional authorities

Local authorities thanked the 91-year-old woman who hit a robber with her cane, helping prevent the suspect from escaping

editor: Grzegorz Adamczyk
author: niezalezna.pl/Polsat News
via: msn.com
Source: City Council Przemyśl.

The elderly woman who stopped a bank robbery in Przemyśl, eastern Poland, received congratulations from the local chief of police and municipal authorities as well as the bank management.

On Dec. 6, a young woman threatened one of the workers of the bank in Przemysl with a knife and demanded money. Mrs. Gizela, who is 91 years old, noticed the situation and instantly started beating the robber with a cane. According to police, the attacker was a 25-year-old woman who has a dual citizenship, Ukrainian and Russian, and previously lived in Moscow.

The head of police in Przemyśl, Chief Inspector Janusz Kiszka, handed an award to the elderly woman and thanked her for stepping in to prevent not only the robbery but also the escape of the perpetrator.

The mayor of Przemyśl, Wojciech Bakun, and Director of the PKO Polish Bank in Przemyśl Jolanta Lesiak-Pawełek were also present during the ceremony. They praised the woman, saying she set an example when she took immediate action during the crisis situation.

The heroine herself is described as a very modest person. During the award ceremony, she was adamant that she did not do anything extraordinary and simply wanted to help.

“I hit her with a cane because there was no other option. I helped as much as I could,” she told Polsat News TV in an interview.

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