A man cannot just call himself a woman, says leader of Poland’s ruling conservative party

Jarosław Kaczyński weighed in on the trans debate as he launched a staunch defense of traditional family values

editor: Grzegorz Adamczyk
author: niezalezna.pl

Poland must defend the model of the traditional family as being composed of a man, a woman, and children against the ongoing cultural revolution, said Jarosław Kaczyński, the leader of the ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party, during a keynote speech at a party rally in Grudziądz, northern Poland.

Kaczyński told party members that the defense of family values does not mean discriminating against anybody as “we have never discriminated against anyone; that is not a Polish tradition,” but he added “that does not mean we have to agree to everything either.”

The PiS party leader cited a hypothetical situation in which a man goes to work and says that he is a woman. “According to what they recommend in the West, we should just accept that or the person will be offended.” He said that this could theoretically lead to a situation where a person could change their gender from day to day. 

Kaczyński argued that you cannot ignore the science of human genes. He said he accepted that there was a degree of social conditioning that varies across different cultures and that men and women should be equal in terms of their rights and responsibilities, but within reason.

He cited the example of Ukraine, where no one stops women from leaving to protect their children while men accept they must remain and fight. This kind of exception is there by the force of nature, but equality in law and rights must otherwise be the norm, Kaczyński said.

The PiS leader noted that Poland has “gone much further” than other countries in protecting women against domestic violence, but it was still questioned on the issue. He said that Poland will not accept, for example, men calling themselves women to compete in women’s sports and cheat real women of their victories.  

Kaczyński said that Poles are tolerant but want to preserve a certain level of normality.

“We don’t pry into people’s bedrooms, but we do want to keep our normal ways, and this is our right,” he said. He added that this approach has been rejected by the revolutionary left who are looking to enforce a cultural revolution against what has always been common sense.

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