Duda: I do not fear Donald Tusk

Andrzej Duda leads in the presidential election race.

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Paweł Siennicki, Anna Wojciechowska

Duda referred to Tusk and pointed out that PiS and Jarosław Kaczyński had lost the Senate, cheapening their election defeat. “Whoever loses elections say various different things just to lessen that burden from themselves,” he said.

The President told Polska The Times, that it was the Civic Coalition who lost the election. He emphasized that the Left, who entered parliament this year, worked “much more constructively” than the KO during the previous term.

He also underlined that it is hard to predict how the new parliament will operate, as a new player in the form of the right-wing Confederation has been voted in for the first time.

President Duda appealed to all parliamentary forces to be “keen on cooperation” as he believes that there are some factions which care more for inter-parliamentary conflicts than the good of the country.

The president emphasized the importance of the presidential office in carrying out further changes in society, which puts even more pressure on the upcoming elections.

Andrzej Duda concluded that the current government worked well during their previous term, specifically in the case of introducing social benefits.

“Let us remember, that our declarations of the child benefits program was mocked, called impossible. Meanwhile, not only was it functional, it was also expanded,” he stated.


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