First Polish electric car to be produced in cooperation with Chinese multinational

Poland is closer to beginning the production of its own electric car called Izera

editor: Grzegorz Adamczyk
Source: ElectroMobility Poland press stock.

Izera, the first Polish electric car, will be built on a platform created by the Chinese multinational Geely Holding, announced Electromobility Poland (EMP), the company responsible for the project.

Many started doubting the success of Polish Izera electric car. The factory in Jaworzno exists only on paper, as the process of selecting the platform dragged on. Finally, the Polish public company EMP chose a platform that has been used to produce hundreds of thousands — and soon millions — of cars.

Izera will be built on a Sustainable Experience Architecture (SEA) platform designed by Geely Holding concern. The company is a motorization and electromobility giant. It owns brands such as Smart, Lynk&Co, and ZEEKR; it also owns Volvo. It recently signed a joint venture agreement with Renault for an undertaking of a gigantic global scale.

The range of Izera will consist of three C segment models. There will be a family compact car, an SUV, and a combi.

“The SEA platform perfectly fits the concept of Izera as a product. The cooperation with Geely ensures we have the highest level of know-how in the industry and allows for additional business opportunities,” said CEO of ElectroMobility Poland Piotr Zaremba.

“In the longer run, this technological partnership allows for our growth, higher engagement of local suppliers, and realization of the project under the assumed business framework,” he added.

“Poland plays a key role in the European automotive industry, and I am sure that this deal will allow for a faster transition to electrical drives, creating broader economic prospects in the area of electromobility,” said Daniel Donghui Li, CEO of Geely Holding.

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