Italy’s left-leaning former PM may respect his country’s democratic outcome, but Poland’s opposition wages total war

“The idea there is a risk of fascism in Italy is absolutely fake news”

editor: Grzegorz Adamczyk

One of the leaders of the Italian left, former Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, has rejected the hateful bile from the European establishment against Georgia Meloni and the Italian right, unlike Poland’s opposition, which supports every action the EU takes against their own country.

For years, we have argued that Poland’s “total opposition” is unique in Europe. After losing elections, it has at every turn attacked Poland’s reputation and accused the ruling party of all negative “isms” under the sun. Even the war in Ukraine did not change that. 

Just how different things can be, we saw in Italy. Ursula von der Leyen’s blackmail against Italy was rejected by its entire political class. Her threat that the European Commission had “tools” to punish the “wrong” election result was viewed as a scandal. Italians themselves reacted to her by increasing support for Meloni. 

Now, Matteo Renzi, a former Italian prime minister, said during his interview with CNN that although he disagrees with Giorgia Meloni, he completely rejects claims that democracy is under threat or that fascism is returning.

Despite being a rival of Meloni who will remain opposed to her, he called talks of Italy being at risk from fascism as “fake news.” He also saw nothing extraordinary with the election result. “She won an election. Populism has often triumphed in Italy.” 

“Personally, I was against Georgia Meloni. I’m not her best friend. We are rivals, but she is not a danger to democracy. The idea there is a risk of fascism in Italy is absolutely fake news.”

His statement show that unlike the Polish opposition, Italy’s opposition is not waging “total war” in all circumstances. Renzi shows respect for democracy, whereas the Polish opposition shows contempt.

Poland’s opposition has stopped at nothing to take back power, including making fake allegations, backing EU sanctions against Poland, and supporting court actions against their own country.

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