Poland triumphs at World Junior Chess Championships

Poland has won the team classification at the World Junior Chess Championships, with Jakub Seemann and Paweł Sowiński dominating their respective age categories

editor: Grzegorz Adamczyk
author: niezalezna.pl
Source: P. Nikkel:X platform.

In a remarkable performance at the World Junior Chess Championships in Montesilvano, Italy, Poland has emerged victorious, clinching the team classification. The tournament saw nearly 800 players from 80 countries compete in categories up to ages 14, 16, and 18 for both open and girls’ divisions. Polish representatives secured two of the six available gold medals, showcasing their exceptional talent on the global stage.

The most notable successes came in the open category for under 16s, where Jakub Seemann claimed the championship title, followed closely by Jan Klimkowski. Their pivotal encounter in the seventh round ended in Seemann’s favor, marking a crucial point in his journey to the top.

Speaking of his victory, Seemann expressed joy and fulfillment, saying: “Winning the world championship is a fantastic achievement for me. It’s the realization of a dream and a reward for really hard work. (…) The adrenaline was high, and the stress of the next moves was intense, but I think I handled it very well and brought the (main prize) home without major incidents.”

He eventually outpaced his friend and fellow competitor by half a point.

And here’s how classmates and teachers from the Third High School in Zabrze welcomed the world champion Jakub Seemann after his achievement:

Another gold for Poland was secured by Paweł Sowiński in the open category for under 14s. Sowiński shared his satisfaction, noting: “It’s a very pleasant feeling because I fought for this medal from the first round. I arrived in Italy very well prepared, and I won’t hide that I was thinking about the medal. I’m glad I managed to win it.”

Together, the Polish champions, along with their teammates, made up a formidable squad, culminating in their victory in the team classification. “Our team won the team classification for the first time in many years, outperforming chess powerhouses like the United States, China, and India,” Seemann added.

This triumph marks a significant milestone for Polish chess, demonstrating the country’s rising prominence and skill in the sport on the world stage.

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