Poland’s conservative opposition leader compares PM Tusk to Adolf Hitler

Kaczyński said that PM Donald Tusk wants Poles to be subordinate to Germans and is attempting to stifle media freedom

editor: Grzegorz Adamczyk
author: niezalezna.pl
Source: Twitter@pisorgl

The leader of the opposition Conservatives (PiS), Jarosław Kaczyński, has likened Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk’s behavior to that of Adolf Hitler.

Speaking to supporters in Lublin on the weekend, Kaczyński accused the left-liberal government, which took office last month, of “brazenly violating democracy and the law from the very start.”

“Tusk’s desire is for his will to be the law because that’s what it boils down to: Tusk’s will is now the law. There have already been those for whom their will was also law. The führer’s will was law,” he said. 

In Nazi Germany, an idea known as “Führerprinzip” was in place, which allowed Adolf Hitler to dictate law simply by verbal command, which was more important than written law and could not be questioned. 

In Kaczyński’s speech in Lublin — where he had attended the unveiling of a monument to his twin brother, the late President Lech Kaczyński — the PiS leader also said that Donald Tusk was making Poland subordinate to Germany.

“The prime minister is leading a pacification operation designed to destroy Poland’s sovereignty and turn us into farmhands for people from Western Europe, especially Germany,” said Kaczyński. 

He also accused Tusk’s government of “brutally” taking over public media “without any legal basis.”

“One of the elements of Donald Tusk’s policy is the destruction of media pluralism,” he said. “Poles are not supposed to know what’s really going on. Just like in the times of communism.”

The opposition leader also repeated his allegation that MP Mariusz Kamiński, who conducted a hunger strike during his prison sentence before being pardoned by the president, was “tortured” in jail by being force-fed through a nasal tube, despite having a curvature of his nasal septum and having already consented to saline drip feeding.  

“This persecution was planned, probably at the very top as a warning,” said Kaczyński.

Kaczyński also accused the Tusk government of illegally attempting to take over the national prosecution service and told his supporters that he expected the Tusk government to illegally attempt to take over the country’s top court, the Constitutional Tribunal, in the near future. 

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