VIDEO: A van with ‘Stop Pedophilia’ banner attacked in Polish city of Łódź

Cameras on the vehicle captured the entire assault and theft

editor: Grzegorz Adamczyk
Source: YouTube, Fundacja ProTV, video picture grab.

LGBT activists attacked a van that was a part of a campaign by “Pro-Prawo do Życia” (Pro-the Right to Life) Foundation, warning Poles against sexual education indoctrination of children being backed by LGBT groups.

The video shows the driver of the van was forced to use pepper spray in self-defense and to protect his vehicle. Cameras mounted on the vehicle recorded the entire incident.

One of the LGBT activists blocked the way for the van and tried to force volunteers of the campaign to end their activities. As the video shows, he opened one of his beer cans and spilled its content inside the van through a window, then proceeded to tear down a banner off the back of the van.

The driver reacted to this by using pepper spray against the aggressor, who started chasing him out of view of the cameras. Luckily for the driver, the spray began working, and the attacker was no longer able to continue his pursuit. At the same time, a woman who accompanied the LGBT activist stole the keys to the van.

The awareness campaign from the “Pro-Prawo do Życia” foundation took place from May 12 to 14 in Łódź. Its goal is to educate Poles on the threats brought by a sexual education program backed by LGBT activists in Poland.

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