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Germany: Pastor fired from Evangelical church over his AfD candidacy

A pastor known for his opposition to coronavirus measures has been stripped of his pastorate by the Evangelical Church of Germany (EKD) after running for office with the Alternative for Germany (AfD) in Quedlinburg.  “Although it is in the interest of the church that pastors also get involved politically, this does not apply to involvement in […]
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German media self-censors about foreign origins of 5 ‘Germans’ arrested for rape of young girl in Mallorca, and this trend will only get worse

The German media has kept quiet about the foreign background of German gang rape suspects on the Spanish island of Mallorca, and we should expect such self-censorship to only get worse over the coming years

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AfD Alternative for Germany Migrant crisis Crime Germany News Trending
10M AGOAfD Alternative for Germany Migrant crisis Crime Germany News Trending

Most Germans don’t want mass immigration, they want to preserve their ethnic-cultural identity and history, says AfD parliamentary director during Bundestag speech

“For us at the AfD, there is a German people also worthy of protection, who should be able to assert themselves and have a say in who comes to Germany, who can stay and who has to go,” said the AfD’s parliamentary director during a speech int the Bundestag

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