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Exclusive: ‘The woke left has inherited the Stalinists’ hatred of freedom,’ warns British columnist

According to Wikipedia, you used to be a Marxist, a libertarian Marxist. That’s how you are described there, as a libertarian Marxist… Yes, there was a time when I liked to call myself that because I found that it annoyed all the right people on both sides of the debate. The libertarians hated it, and […]
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1 YEAR AGOcancel culture identity politics Mats Persson Sweden News Sweden

Swedish education minister announces investigation into ‘cancel culture’ in universities

“A further risk from cancel culture is that research on politically controversial topics is neglected in favor of more comfortable areas. Who wants to research racism or sexism if you risk being accused of sharing ideas with what you’re studying?”

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2 YEARS AGOcancel culture Islamophobia universities Wokeness France News

Students stand up to political censorship in France’s most elite universities

In France’s Institutes of Political Studies — where many of the country’s future political, media and economic elites are trained — associations and students who dare to hold a sovereignist, patriotic and traditionalist discourse are vilified, insulted, threatened and even physically attacked

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