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Poland had highest minimum wage rise in Europe under previous conservative government

Under Poland’s previous conservative government, the minimum wage soared higher, according to new data from the EU agency Eurofund. According to data for the EU, Poland had the highest increase in the minimum wage in 2023 (21.5 percent) while inflation in the country has now come down to 6.2 percent. The minimum monthly wage at […]
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5 YEARS AGOEurobudget Eurozone Finances Poland News

Poland demands say over eurozone budget plans

Poland is worried about countries which are not yet in the eurozone being excluded from decision-making processes on a separate EU budget for the eurozone, writes Anna Słojewska in “Rzeczpospolita”. Poland does not want just the finance ministers in the eurogroup making all decisions about the criteria and timing of that instrument.

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5 YEARS AGOcorruption Finances KNF scandal Poland Zbigniew Ziobro Commentary

“Our state is no longer theoretical,” says Ziobro

Polish Minister of Justice Zbigniew Ziobro criticized the previous Civic Platform government’s methods of fighting corruption. “Today, our state is no longer theoretical. It works practically, efficiently and quickly,” says the minister commenting on the KNF corruption scandal.

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