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Exclusive: Former Frontex chief tells Remix News the inside story behind the EU commission’s push for mass immigration and open borders

What could make a former Frontex director decide to run in the European elections, and to do so with Marine Le Pen’s National Rally? As you know, I was director of Frontex, the European Border and Coast Guard Agency, for over seven years. I was at the heart of the European machinery for managing external […]
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Czech Republic European Union Frontex migration Commentary
5 YEARS AGOCzech Republic European Union Frontex migration Commentary

The EU puts its migration policy reform on hold

The EU has quietly dropped at least two of its plans on how to tackle migration. Some major measures against migration that were adopted under pressure, like refugee centers in the EU and North Africa, and more manpower for the Frontex agency, have been shelved or postponed. It turned out that the EU won’t be able to realize them, and it is not so pressing seeing as the flow of migrants is now lower.

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Andrej Babiš Czech Republic European Union Frontex Mateusz Morawiecki News
5 YEARS AGOAndrej Babiš Czech Republic European Union Frontex Mateusz Morawiecki News

Babiš and Morawiecki are on the same page before EU summit

Czech PM Andrej Babiš and his Polish counterpart Mateusz Morawiecki share skepticism over an enlargement of Frontex and its budget increase. During Babiš’s visit to Warsaw, they agreed on issues relating to migration as well as other topics expected at the upcoming summit.

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