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Foreigners to blame for sky-rocketing crime stats, says Bavarian interior minister

An increasing migrant population has contributed significantly to a spike in crime across the German state of Bavaria, the state’s Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann claimed on Monday. Speaking after his ministry’s publication of the state police’s crime stats for last year, the CSU politician assured the public that Bavaria remains a particularly safe area of […]
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Daniele Scalea immigration islam Machiavelli Center Italy Migration Remix Exclusive
11M AGODaniele Scalea immigration islam Machiavelli Center Italy Migration Remix Exclusive

‘Immigration is a problem mainly because it looks increasingly like a foreign colonization of our land,’ says Italian expert on the Middle East and jihadism

Remix News conducted an exclusive interview at CPAC Hungary 2023 with Daniele Scalea, the director of the Italian conservative think tank Machiavelli Center and an expert on the Middle East and jihadism. He discussed Italian and European policies on immigration and the reasons why the left wants more immigrants and more Muslims to come and settle on the Old Continent

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2 YEARS AGOChampions League immigration Migrant crisis Paris France News

Terms like ‘young people’ and ‘sensitive neighborhoods’ are coded Soviet-style language used to disguise reality, says sociologist Bock-Côté about violent riots in Paris

Terms like “young people,” “sensitive neighborhood” and even “knife attack” are all euphemisms used by the media and government to lie to people, said Canadian sociologist and philosopher Mathieu Bock-Côté

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2 YEARS AGOdemographers France immigration Michèle Tribalat net migration France

Renowned French demographer criticizes colleagues’ lies on immigration, says their goal is to refute the Great Replacement

It has become mandatory for a French demographer to “speak out, by all means, against the idea of a ‘Great Replacement’,” and “the main purpose of the numerical arguments developed on the theme of immigration is to contradict common perceptions that are supposed to be due to a rather extreme right-wing political propaganda.”

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