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Tens of thousands of Poles joined independence march in Warsaw

In a powerful display of national pride and remembrance, the streets of Warsaw were once again the stage for the annual independence march, reflecting the deep-rooted patriotism of the Polish people. The sea of white and red flags and the familiar extracts of the Polish anthem, “Mazurek Dąbrowskiego”, paid homage to the heroes of Polish […]
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Andrzej Duda History Independence Day Pandemic Poland News
3 YEARS AGOAndrzej Duda History Independence Day Pandemic Poland News

Polish presidential address: We can overcome the greatest challenges, just as we did 102 years ago

“I’d want us to remember, especially on Independence Day during such a difficult time, that the Polish state is not only institutions, but above all else, us – Polish citizens,” Andrzej Duda declared in his address to the nation.

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