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Afghan duo arrested in Germany for ‘concrete plans’ for firearms terror attack at Swedish parliament

Two Afghan nationals have been arrested in Germany on suspicion of planning a terror attack near the Swedish parliament to avenge the permittance of Koran-burning demonstrations in the country. Federal Prosecutor General Jens Rommel confirmed the two suspects were detained by special forces in Gera, Thuringia, early on Tuesday morning and are believed to be […]
Louise Meijer Mass migration Moderates Sweden Migrant crisis Migration News Sweden
4 WEEKS AGOLouise Meijer Mass migration Moderates Sweden Migrant crisis Migration News Sweden

‘I have changed my mind!’ — Pro-open borders MP undertakes spectacular U-turn and calls for strict immigration, deportations, and repatriation

Swedish MP Louise Meijer previously supported the mass migration into Sweden in 2015, but now admits it “is fundamentally changing the country” and calls to pull up the drawbridge

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Hungary NATO Polish-Hungarian friendship Sweden Vikto Orbán Commentary Poland
6M AGOHungary NATO Polish-Hungarian friendship Sweden Vikto Orbán Commentary Poland

Hungary’s response to Sweden’s NATO bid is a test of Polish-Hungarian relations

For Poland, Sweden’s membership in NATO is a matter of national interest, and Hungary’s stance on this issue is a test of how genuine the Hungarian-Polish friendship is, writes former Speaker of the Polish Sejm Marek Jurek

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1 YEAR AGOcancel culture identity politics Mats Persson Sweden News Sweden

Swedish education minister announces investigation into ‘cancel culture’ in universities

“A further risk from cancel culture is that research on politically controversial topics is neglected in favor of more comfortable areas. Who wants to research racism or sexism if you risk being accused of sharing ideas with what you’re studying?”

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