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Poland signs €4.6 billion contract with UK for supply of air defense systems

The Polish government has signed a €4.6 billion procurement contract for the supply of British-designed ground-based air defense systems, Britain’s Defence Ministry announced on Tuesday. In the largest commercial deal agreed between Poland and the U.K., Poland will receive 1,000 Common Anti-Air Modular Missiles – Extended Range (CAMM-ER) and 100 launchers designed by Britain and […]
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Conservative Party LGBT UK WOKE Remix Exclusive United Kingdom
2 YEARS AGOConservative Party LGBT UK WOKE Remix Exclusive United Kingdom

UK’s Conservative Party leader to clamp down on same ideology Brussels wants for EU-27

In the race to succeed Boris Johnson as Conservative Party leader and the country’s prime minister, the two remaining contenders, Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak, have now pledged to stand up to far-left woke and LGBT ideology, but can they be trusted to return Britain to its conservative roots?

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Poland needs to start thinking about reconstruction in Ukraine right now economy Germany Reconstruction UK Ukraine US Commentary Poland
2 YEARS AGOeconomy Germany Reconstruction UK Ukraine US Commentary Poland

Poland should come before Germany when it comes to rebuilding Ukraine

Jakub Maciejewski, the war correspondent in the Donbas for portal, writes that the scale of the destruction of Ukraine is such that Poland, if it is to be a key player in the post-war process, must have a strategy in place to handle the reconstruction process

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Donald Trump Cambridge Analytica conspiracy theories social media UK US Commentary
3 YEARS AGO Donald Trump Cambridge Analytica conspiracy theories social media UK US Commentary

The liberal mainstream prefers to believe in conspiracies than admit its own mistakes

While conspiracy theories and belief in dark powers used to be attributed to the radical right and left, the liberal mainstream is using them increasingly often to explain their defeats and errors, writes Marek A. Cichocki

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