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Poland furious over top Ukrainian diplomat’s comments on WWII massacre

Ukrainian Ambassador to Germany Andrij Melnyk has become famous for his strong criticism of Germany’s reluctance to support Ukraine. He has been a frequent guest on German TV and radio stations, and now, during one radio interview, he turned to defending Ukraine’s infamous World War II leader, Stepan Bandera, arguing that the genocide committed in […]
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Deportation EU Lyudmyla Kozlovska Mariusz Kamiński Poland Ukrainie News
6 YEARS AGODeportation EU Lyudmyla Kozlovska Mariusz Kamiński Poland Ukrainie News

Kozlovska is back in the EU

Lyudmyla Kozlovska, who had been banned from entering the EU and was deported from Brussels by request of the Polish authorities, has been in Berlin for two days. She will take part in a Bundestag hearing regarding “the breaking of the rule of law in Poland and Hungary”.

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