Homeless murder Ukrainian suspect Warsaw News Poland

Poland: Shock after 4 murder victims discovered buried near Warsaw building used by the homeless, Ukrainian under arrest

The discovery of four men’s bodies in an old building on Grzybowska Street, in central Warsaw’s Wola district, has led to a murder investigation. The bodies were found in varying states of decay, buried in the yard or within the building, which often serves as shelter to the homeless. Seven people were arrested, and six […]
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Civic Platform march PO Polish opposition Warsaw Commentary Poland
10M AGOCivic Platform march PO Polish opposition Warsaw Commentary Poland

The liberal opposition’s march in Warsaw wasn’t a game changer for upcoming election

The march organized in Warsaw by the main liberal opposition, Civic Platform (PO), was just a march of the committed opponents of the ruling conservatives and will not be decisive come election day, argues editor of Sieci magazine Jacek Karnowski

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European Union Joe Biden US Warsaw Commentary Poland
1 YEAR AGOEuropean Union Joe Biden US Warsaw Commentary Poland

Biden’s visit to Poland: Unlike Berlin and Brussels, Washington will not interfere in Polish elections

The U.S. president’s visit to Warsaw highlighted the divergent attitudes of the United States and the European Union towards Poland, with the EU demanding servility and ideological conformity, while the U.S. prioritizes security and military cooperation, writes Polish columnist Jakub Maciejewski

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America liberalism Patrick J. Deneen Warsaw News Poland
2 YEARS AGOAmerica liberalism Patrick J. Deneen Warsaw News Poland

‘Cities don’t have to be wretched cesspools of human filth’ – US professor contrasts photos of Poland’s Warsaw with homeless tent camps in Portland, Oregon

Professor Patrick J. Deneen visited Poland last week to attend a major conference and was impressed by what he saw, writing on Twitter, “Cities don’t have to be wretched cesspools of human filth”

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